Adrian Mantle, Stagetalk Magazine


"A kind of competitive role play ranting; squawking, squealing and swearing. Occasional blurring the edges of the characters-within-characters they propagate enjoyable confusion making the audience guffaw and gasp in equal measure. With this, and the hard edges in the dialogue, the show avoids falling into a rut of clichés."

"Smart scene changes, aided by skillful and subtle lighting, mean that the pace and the energy never drop. The two demonstrate admirable skills in comedy timing, physical theatre and slapstick. The keep us giggling, and guessing… where is this going?"

"Pressure from family and friends and from themselves. There are references to modern life: dating apps, Uber and Love Island. There are echoes of social scenes that we’ve all seen a thousand times at weddings. All of these matters are explored and exploded in the show and the two manage to do this with pathos and humour; jumping artfully between characters and maintaining an engaging visual flow. No wonder it has been sold out in previous runs and I predict that this one will too."


Karen Blake, Weston-super-Mum

"Said and Done manages to be many things packed into a short, 50 minute show. Its very funny in places, their observational humour is spot on."

"As the show progresses, the two actors dance to all the ‘classics’ from the Macarena to the Timewarp, with a sort of frantic energy and determined grimaces usually reserved for a particularly arduous and painful aerobics class. They don’t seem to be enjoying this wedding at all, but the sheer amount of effort they put in to make it seem they are is heroic."

"Its funny, thought provoking and showed a great chemistry between the two actors. I look forward to seeing what they come up with together in the future."