Said and done 

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Sugarscratch Theatre invite you to a wedding…

Two women sit at a table. They are in the midst of their quarter life crisis, the prosecco is free-flowing and emotions are running high. Everything is dangerously overspilling in this sharply observed comedy about love, hate and all that lies in between.
Throughout the night the two women explore friendship, family relations, maternal ties, sibling rivalries and ex-boyfriends. Will they betray their friendship, open up old scars or create new wounds? Or will they find a way to battle through the social pressure together?

Both hilarious and harrowing, featuring original music, funky dance moves and just the right amount of cheesy pop, Said and Done is a snapshot into the lives of two women who are far too close. So put on your party clothes and join the guest list, it’s going to be one hell of a night!