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Where did it all begin?


Alice and Lily first started making theatre together at the Bristol Old Vic Young Company and in 2011 joined the Bristol Old Vic Made in Bristol programme. Afterwards, they went off to different Drama Schools. Alice went to Rose Bruford and graduated from the European theatre Arts Course in 2015, and Lily went to ALRA and gained a degree in Acting in the same year.

They both then moved back to Bristol. They wanted to get back to the thriving theatre community they left behind. In the years after this they both did the classic “doing-a-few-shows-for-free-ish-while-having-a-job-on-the-side” thing. Whilst Alice was working as a receptionist at their local hospital she began having thoughts about a show… (there was lots of time for thinking) and she started jotting down bits and bobs in a little notebook. Then she started writing it out on a laptop. Then she turned round to Lily and said, “Ooh read this thing I wrote, what do you think?” and Lily said, “That’s really good, can I be the other character?”. Alice said, “Yeah obviously, that’s why I asked.” So they put it forward for Prototype; a scratch night put on by the Tobacco Factory. It went down extremely well, and Vic Hole, the woman who ran Prototype, asked to meet up for a chat. Vic liked it so much she wanted to be the producer of the company.

In the summer of 2017 they took their show, Said and Done, to the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol and sold out every night.

So that’s where Sugarscratch began. And we plan to go a lot further…