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Where did it all begin?


Alice Ritchie and Lily London are the co founders of Sugarscratch Theatre. They first started making theatre together at the Bristol Old Vic Young Company where they learnt how to devise shows in a collaborative way using music, dance and ensemble story telling. In 2011 they joined the Bristol Old Vic training programme, Made in Bristol, where they honed these devising skills and created a show called I Would Not. After performing it at Bristol Old Vic they took it to The National Theatre in London. Then they both went off to Drama School. Alice to Rose Bruford to study European Theatre Arts and Lily to ALRA where she trained to be an actor. They eventually both moved back to Bristol where they rejoined the thriving theatre community. 

Alice began writing scenes based on where she was in her life at that moment - a 20-something year old, lost, angry and wondering where to go from here - Lily was in the same place so they started working together. Their close friendship was the initial inspiration for the show and then they began creating characters, plotlines and scenarios to express their quarter-life crisis. They asked themselves: What it is to be a woman in your mid twenties in the 21st century? What does society expect from us? Why is everyone talking to us about babies? Setting the show at a wedding, following all the conventions and rituals, allowed them to highlight everything they wanted to say.

They performed the first 10 minutes of Said And Done at a scratch night, called Prototype, at The Tobacco Factory. It received positive feedback and was deemed a huge success, so they decided to make the rest of the show. In the summer of 2018 they performed it at the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol and sold out every night. They also took it to Exeter BikeShed and Old Joint Stock in Birmingham. Now they are hyper excited to be bringing their wedding party to Edinburgh.

So, Sugarscratch Theatre would like to invite all you Edinburgh Fringe Festival goers to a wedding! 

Here the prosecco is free-flowing & everyones emotions are running high…

The story follows two women who are observing the rituals of a conventional wedding, whilst commenting on the guests, making up ridiculous party games and role playing people from their past. These best mates are far too close and the fine line between love and hate threatens to spill over with each extra glass of fizz, as the play crashes towards its bittersweet denouement.

Said And Done is an exploration of friendship, family dynamics, social pressures and sleazy ex boyfriends. It features original music, some funky dance moves and just the right amount of cheesy pop.  

Get your party clothes on and come on down to Sweet Venues (Novotel 1) at 8.45pm from 2nd to 25th August. This is going to be one hell of a night…