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Lily London

Co-Artistic Director and Performer

Lily is a born and bred Bristol based performer, singer and theatre maker. She trained at ALRA, graduating in 2015. She prides herself on usually being the tallest woman in the room and doing a great James Blunt impression. Her favourite type of theatre is the stuff that makes you think 'YES, I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS'.


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Alice Ritchie

Co-Artistic Director and Performer

Alice is also a born and bred Bristol based performer... She trained at Rose Bruford college on their European theatre arts course. She enjoys new and exciting theatre, and loves working with movement and music. And also, comedy. If a show doesn’t make her laugh she sometimes leaves wondering why she came.


Associate Artists



Hal kelly

Hal was Said and Done's Musical director and is a childhood friend of Alice's. He's now off soaking up the sun in Glasgow.                   


Jack drewry

Brother of Lily and an all round legend. Jack helped with the music in the very early stages of Said and Done. Jack has his own theatre company called Tremolo who Alice and Lily have both worked with. 


Anna parker

Long-term friend of both Alice and Lily. Anna is Sugarscratch's in-house graphic designer extraordinaire (literally, she lives with Lily).                   

Special thanks to: Emma Williams who came in for two days to be an outside eye on Said and Done, Emma London who provides us with constant moral support and lets us use her living room as a rehearsal space, Jack Offord for his amazing photos, the bunting lenders and both sets of parents who give us lifts and gave us life.